We always thought that bongs and bubblers looked like dicks and balls. It turns out that many paraphernalia manufacturers do, too. (Links NSFW. Duh.) Check out the various X-rated pipes to put your weed in.

Once you go black…

You might prefer dimpled balls.

Short but sweet.

Bubbler balls.

Day-old dog poop.

Double header!

A dick with a rib cage gives a whole new meaning to "boner."

Just for his pleasure.


Peyronie's bong.

Camo, for the outdoorsy type.

No veins.

Straight shooter.

Dude, where's my carb?

Steel vagina.

Ketchup and bun?

Guys who smoke enough pot to get a naked lady pipe are hippies, which is why they prefer their naked ladies all natural down there.

It's rare that something is weird yet predictable.

You suck butt.

You suck orange butt.

Three input draw.

It's almost boring at this point.

Cirque du Soleil.