Jean-Paul Gaultier never had formal training as a designer, but rose to fame creating whimsical and theatrical confections: Madonna's cone bra; the costumes for Luc Besson's The Fifth Element. His collection shown in Paris today was playful, retro and glam.

Where does one go in sequined overalls and a mink? And when one arrives, can one sit down without ruining ones ensemble?

So many dead animaux, so little pretty.

Think this coat is all about strong shoulders? You may have a point.

Beautifully cut, with art deco details — an opaque version would be heavenly.

Are the hair and the thigh-bands a nod to Leeloo? Also — pay close attention to those gloves, which are clear on the inside of the arm and velvety on the outside.

The man knows drama; this coat is a spectacle.

This gown would be at home on the set of Serenity or on any inter-galactic red carpet.

If you like your silver screen goddess looks straight up, no chaser, this is it. Maybe not the most inventive dress, but stunning as it channels the '30s.

Here's where the "whimsy"comes in — those are film strips on her bodice.

Someone's been watching a lot of old movies.

What is this? Part Chrysler building, part Airstream trailer, part Pontiac Silver Streak, this (swimsuit? leotard? playsuit?) has Lady GaGa's name on it.

Attitude not included.

More steam-age meets space age. The structure is reminiscent of Thierry Mugler's motorcycle or Metropolis bustiers. But softer, with bling-shaped hips and shoulders.

Even if you wouldn't wear any of this, it's hard not to appreciate the fact that there is capital D Drama in every detail.

The silhouette here is very similar to that of the Diva Plavalaguna.

The Diva would not have worn a baby-doll dress with plastic platform shoes, though, would she? Luckily, in space no one can hear you scream.


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