All of Hogwarts was there to represent at the World Premiere of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince at London's Odeon Leicester Square last night. Yes, looking grown up, and, with the possible exception of Mr. Radcliffe's suit, looking rad.

Jeez Louise, Emma Watson looks stunning. A tad low? Nah, I guess she's a grown-up young lady now. With a Chanel contract, less. She really doesn't need to listen to anyone!

Dan Radcliffe always looks darling, but what's with the foppish frog closure? In combo with the primrose linens, this is certifiably dandified!

Jenni Falconer is a Scottish TV presenter. Who is wearing a very charming, sunny little frock and belt.

Speaking of...people who play characters whose names kind of sound like "Jenni"'s Bonnie Wright! Do I love her dress? Not so much. But I think I would have at 18!

Does it ever seem like Helena Bonham-Carter is just on a quest to top herself, sartorially speaking? Like, "how can I up the eccentric ante today?" As such, she's kind of above criticism.

Dame Maggie Smith's date is not identified, which as I've mentioned I find very offensive indeed, especially when it's obviously a family member, and this should be applauded rather than deemed unimportant. And they match!

Jamelia's generally pretty stunning, and this is no exception, but I actually think this would be more flattering with an open neckline. Not that anyone asked. And I think I have a thing about that because my mom always impressed upon me the importance of an open neck to offset various vague "figure flaws," so actually forget what I just said.

Daisy Lowe is really taking advantage of the "I'm a cool young model and I'll wear what I want and you shall see it and call it cool" thing that Kate and Agyness have been doing for years. Power of cool, or emperor's new jacket?

As Rupert Grint demonstrates, a vaguely mod suit - skinny legs and all - is always apropos for the young actor on the town. (Are those his underpants?)

Um. What say you about Jo Whiley's dress? I kind of...well, I kind of love it!

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