Whether you regard the annual, mud-drenched Glastonbury music festival as the definition of fun or a tenth circle of hell, whether you're a celeb or a drunken punter, everyone's gonna get dirty, and wellies take center stage.

Maybe to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the bikini, this woman is demonstrating its versatility: not just for sun and surf, you can also wear it in chilly, muddy weather and be miserable!

Speaking of versatile: classic Hunter wellies can even civilize adult men in psychedelic footie pajamas.

Okay, I didn't say their power was unlimited.

Lily Allen, like Brits generally, seems way more comfortable roughing it in the mud than her U.S. equivalent would be.

Even the Power Rangers are, apparently, not above the effects of mud. Whatever, they're all about the environment in all its guises.

Sometimes peoples' wellies mirror their style. Accordingly, this pair is on a bad trip.

The fun just doesn't stop!

These women were at Glastonbury when Michael Jackson died. In case you were wondering. I wasn't.

Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos: indie cuteness conquers all.



Images via Getty, WENN, AP