In our latest entry to the Insufferable Bros Fast Food Commercial Olympics, Hardee's presents us with this delightful ad for their new "Biscuit Holes," which just happen to be shaped like balls. Hilarity does not ensue.

As you can see in this clip, the Bro leading the charge offers his "biscuit holes" to passersby and marks down their innocent suggestions for a product name: edited together, it's like, totally hilares, bro, because like, it's about balls, and balls is another word for testicles! Keep an eye out for the particularly gross moment when the Head Bro tells a woman, "Yeah, eat it with your mouth full," which I guess is the type of family-friendly moment Hardee's wants to attach to a product meant to be eaten at 10 am. "They sound wrong, but taste soooo right," a voiceover sings. Ugh:

Can we just stop this idiocy, please? I realize that there are demographics being catered to here, but every bloody fast food restaurant has suddenly become enamored of bros, with "hip dudes" taking their cues from Burger King's horrendous Crispin Porter ad campaign and pushing the worst 23 year old men on earth on the rest of us who just want to buy some fucking fries once in a while. Not everyone who eats at fast food restaurants is a total douchebag, but everyone in the commercials for fast food restaurants seems to be. This is the adult version of the shit we were fed as kids: we saw right through it at 12 when advertisers tried to talk to us by using "extreme!" language and "hip" slang. This push toward sexist, lowbrow, dumbass comedy is just as transparent and annoying. Shut the fuck up, bros, and take your blow job hamburgers and your biscuit holes with you.

What 'Hole Dreamed Up These Hardees Ads? [AdFreak]

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