Bruno held its L.A. premiere at the iconic Grauman's Chinese Theatre. So Bruno, Isla Fisher, Christina Ricci, Rosario Dawson and friends, dressed accordingly.

Do you think Sacha Baron Cohen is a method actor and Isla Fisher has to actually live with Bruno, or Borat, or Ali G for months at a time? At the very least, she and Olive are living with the Peter Pan hair. Maybe this dress is her revenge.

The summer of 2009 will see everyone with random strips of geometric tan on their chests and stomachs. If you must do it, though, Rosario Dawson shows how.

Is Christina Ricci's auburn hair for a role? What say you about her LBD? (LGD?)

Gotta say: Stephanie Pratt's mini may be undistinguished, but it does bring out her eyes! Her mom would be happy. Maybe.

Sarah Chalke, for whatever reason, stirs strong passions amongst viewers. I wonder what you will think of her rather unexciting - but inoffensive! - frock?

Krysten Ritter's taffeta is giving me bad birthday party flashbacks. And her eyes are following me. None of this is any refection on the dress itself.

Not my favorite look on Mindy Kaling, but digging the specs - and hey, maybe it's a Michael Jackson tribute.

And in case you were wondering...heeeeere's Bruno! (Yes, speaking of tributes, that was for Ed.)

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