Rejoice: Tonight will see part one of the much-anticipated Real Housewives reunion. In this clip, Caroline breaks down, and implies that Danielle did something way worse than what's mentioned in "The Book." What could it possibly be!?

Despite the fact that Danielle has said that she was merely a victim of circumstance and did not do the things that were written about her in Cop Without a Badge, The Smoking Gun has dug up federal court records regarding her case. It turns out that, according to plenty of sworn statements, Danielle (real name: Beverly Merrill) was a prostitute working at an escort service, was actively involved in drug deals, and made phone calls demanding ransom from the family of a man she kidnapped. She apparently went by the alias "Angela Minelli," which I love because it was obviously inspired by Who's the Boss.


So what did she do to Dina and Caroline that's worse than extortion, kidnapping, drug trafficking and prostitution (whore)? Hopefully, we'll find out tonight.

In this second clip, Teresa maintains that her husband Juicy Joe has gay friends and that his gay slurs were just "figures of speech." Host Andy Cohen—who is gay—tells Teresa that her husband's comments were, in fact, offensive.

"Jersey" Girl's Sordid Past [TSG]