We stumbled on this 1991 International Male catalog and, frankly, we were mesmerized by what was going on in the groin area in a lot of the photos. Welcome to a gallery of high-waisted trousers, ill-fitting jeans and bulbous bulge.

It's baffling to think that there was a time people thought this cut of trouser looked good. It's weird around the crotch, it's weird around the hips, it's weird at the ankle. It's weird.

Is this what the crotch of a gentleman's jeans are suposed to look like? Like a smirking smiley face?

Or is everything from waist to crotch supposed to be smooth and high and square? Keep in mind this waistband is ELASTIC.

"The Dutch Look": Do you have a hash stash in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

We interrupt this crotch watch to bring you the sheer (heh) terror of the "mesh body shirt."

Two words come to mind, one of them LOL and the other OW.

Poor guy just found out there won't be a Dick Tracy sequel. He's devastated.

Although it's unclear what the rules of this game are — something about awkwardly showing off the crotch and knowing what to do with your hands — it's obvious that the black guy is winning.

The champ returns with another victory.

This crotch is insane. The way everything is bunched up and there are layers on layers and pleats on pleats and stariways leading to stairways as though Escher was the tailor.

Here, a bizarre exposed-button crotch competes wth a crop top worn over a hoodie for sheer mind-bogglery.

OMG remember Cross Colors? This was not the intended consumer.

And the winner. For Most Attention-Grabbing Crotch In A Pair Of Pants. Goes to… the "chaps-look jean," by Generra. Of course.

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