On last night's Jon and Kate Plus 8, the Gosselins announced that they were separating (yesterday they filed for divorce). It was the first episode I've ever watched and I couldn't get over how immature Jon Gosselin is.

Jon is a 32 year old father of eight going through a midlife crisis, which means that he drives around in a sportscar built for two and dates college-aged women. Sure, Kate may have been a bossy nag, but that's only because she was married to a child.

In last night's episode, the couple got some company called Kids Crooked House to design and build their kids a set of freebie crooked houses... playhouse structures that look crooked on the outside, but are structurally sound on the inside. Ironic, I know.


For now, it looks like the show will go on. Jon and Kate explained that they will film their time with the children separately for the remaining episodes of the fifth season. It seems like the kids are the most professional out of the whole family.

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