What can we say about the 2009 Country Music Television Music Awards, held at Nashville's Sommet Center? That there were strange clothes? Yes. That Taylor Swift looked amazing? Of course? But mostly? Some people just didn't give a hot damn.

Young Reliable: Taylor Swift continues to be the most consistently well-dressed teen on the scene. Why none of the others are taking pointers, I still don't understand.

Candy Says: Inquiring minds like nobody have been busily trying to determine what the recent blitz of wearable cotton candy means, in terms of society and the economy and stuff. It's like Julianne Hough and friends are all raiding Glinda's wardrobe.

Is The Word: When someone like Emily West says, "yes, yes I do want to dress like an extra in the dance scene from Grease," we can only say back, you go, girl.

Beltway: Maybe, like some of us, Melissa Peterman doesn't have a full-length mirror, and she was like, "oh, a belt!" and couldn't really see how it interacted with the lines of her vest.

Shiver Her Timbers: Is Sarah Buxton carrying a jolly roger purse? Yes. Yes, she is.

The Conundrum: Sometimes one sees no need for stylists and deplores their dullifying influence on red carpets. Then something makes us see their point, and not in a catty way. Cause some lovely ladies aren't doing themselves justice. Or, worrying thought - maybe Megan Mullins worked with a stylist?

If You Can't Say Anything Nice better not to comment on Kellie Pickler's gown. Or, you know, get a panel of "comedians" to make puns about it, US Weekly-style.

The Defiant One: Heidi Newfield's saucy smirk says, "Yes, I am wearing a hippie blouse, no pants, and go-go boots. What?"

So: What Say You, kids, about power-jacket-as-dress/way-of-life? It's a way of life, as Karolina Kurkova knows, that involves a lot of Ms. Jackson, occasionally Paula Abdul.

By the same token, Lucky would have us all pairing slip dresses and structured cropped jackets like mad, Michelle Branch. What Say You?

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