All week, Arise Africa Fashion Week has been taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa. The show features elite designers from the continent in the first of what will become an annual showcase.

While there are many, many ensembles to be seen, here are just a few — a small sampling of the fashion coming from different countries on the African continent.

A pretty party dress for daytime.
Designer: Odio Mimonet (Nigeria)

Amazing hue, interesting stitching and shape.
Designer: Odio Mimonet (Nigeria)

Traditional… with a twist.
Designer : Ituen Basi (Nigeria)

Simultaneously regal and summery.
Designer : Sika Designs (Ghana)

Love the sheer layers (and the bare feet!).
Designer : Nkwo (Nigeria)

Prim and proper, yet playful.
Designer : Christie Brown (Ghana)

Designer : Nkwo (Nigeria)

Fluid and effortless.
Designer : David Tlale (South Africa)

Love. Love! Vibrant color, flirty skirt.
Designer : JewelbyLisa (Nigeria)

Shimmer + lace = gorgeous.
Designer : Tiffany Amber (Nigeria)

Irresistible, elegant gray — and how about that fierce body language?
Designer : Thula Sindi (South Africa)

An interesting take on the LBD.
Designer : Helen Asrat (Ethiopia)

That collar! That skirt! Drama! So unique it seems one-of-a -kind.
Designer : Helen Asrat (Ethiopia)

Not sure about the sleeves, but yes on quirky polka-dots.
Designer : Lanre da Silva (Nigeria)

Mad for plaid.
Designer : Lanre da Silva (Nigeria)

Absolutely gorgeous color, and whatever's happening at the shoulder with the feathers? Love it.
Designer : Gloria Wavamunno (Uganda)

More feathers, more pretty.
Designer : Gloria Wavamunno

Desconstructed, architectural, chic.
Designer : Sandra Muendane (Mozambique)

Playing with shape — and drape.
Designer : Sandra Muendane (Mozambique)

Like an elfin costume from a fashiony fairy-tale.
Designer : Vesselina (South Africa)

Couldn't you see this on a Hollywood A-lister? Paging Halle or Charlize…
Designer : Vesselina (South Africa)


All photos by Simon Deiner / SDR Photo, courtesy of Africa Fashion International
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