A collection of ridiculous boyband photos recently swept the internet, bringing great joy to everyone who gets a kick out of seeing men dressed in shiny pants and patterned vests. But let's face it, girl groups were just as bad.

The late 90s-early 00s brought us a number of bubblegum pop groups: some faded as soon as they arrived, and some made enough of a mark to warrant reunion tours 10 years later. And all of them, at one point or another, had some fashion missteps. Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Eden's Crush: Remember this crew? They were a manufactured pop group that came together on a TV show called "Popstars." You probably recognize at least one of them: Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls. Fellow bandmate Rosanna Tavarez is currently a presenter for the TVGuide channel. This picture shows two of the predominant girl group trends of the early 21st century: vinyl pants and hair knots. For some reason, we thought it was hot to be all Swiss Miss on the top and Slytherin on the bottom. Let's not go back there.

Destiny's Child: Beyonce is now a superstar and House of Dereon is an actual fashion line, but back in the day, the ladies from Destiny's Child were running around in Tina Knowles designed outfits that looked like they came from the Maria Von Trapp 3000 collection.

TLC: Is this is a fashion disaster? On anyone else, yes. On the ladies of TLC, it's just Crazy, Sexy, Cool. Is there a more visible way to promote safe sex than by wearing a condom on your eye? I think not. We miss you, Left Eye.

Wild Orchid: This was Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson's group before she left to be "so 3008." Again with the vinyl pants and the other staple of the era: the bare midriff.

The Spice Girls: Every over-the-top trend of the 90s can be found in the Spice Girls: ridiculous platform shoes, chunky highlights, babydoll dresses, bare midriffs, hair knots, vinyl pants, track pants with crop tops, metallics, neons, sequins, glitter, etc. It was the end of the century and half the world was convinced that the apocalypse was upon us. The visual of the Spice Girls pretty much sums up the era: shinier, louder, more ridiculous, more celebratory, all with this underlying understanding that none of this is really built to last.

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