The 63rd Annual Tony Awards, held at Radio City Music Hall last night, were awesome.

The Good: Anne Hathaway looks so glamorous and comfortable and rad that we kinda wonder what she'd do with Gypsy Rose Lee...

The Good: Jane Fonda has mastered glam elegance.

The Good: Loving Jessica Lange's nod to Edith Beale's salad days.

The Good: Headline: ANGELA LANSBURY CHANNELS VICTOR/VICTORIA. Theatre majors swoon.

The Good: So, now that Edie Falco's doing some serious un-glam, it's time to amp it up for the red carpet! Albeit in gently boho fashion.

The Good: Hope Davis' dramatic decollete is one of the evening's best looks. In the metaphysical as well as sartorial sense.

The Dolly: Death, Taxes, Dolly.

The Good: Lauren Graham is one of the awesome emerald brigade of the evening.

The Good: Chandra Wilson is another...

The Good:...Josefina Scaglione makes three!

The Good: Martha Plimpton is Camelot-classy. Seriously, this is vintage-fab.

The Good: Allison Janney brings straight-up Tony no-risk glamour, but there's something to be said for that.

The Good: Julie Chen brings it for all the little girls/Barbie dolls out there.

The Good: Wow! Piper Perabo thrusts herself into our sartorial consciousness!

What Say You? Okay, truth to power: I love Karen Olivo's burlesquey exercise in immoderation, but eager to hear from you!

What Say You? when it comes to Samantha Mathis' little black distressed?

Phyllis Newman is obviously getting some kind of honorary doctorate. What Say You?

The Ugly: The Naked Cowboy Brett Michaels.

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