According to PalMD, Oprah advisor Dr. Christiane Northrup's alternative ideas about women's health are actually misogynist.

Northrup says that uterine fibroids may "result when we are flowing life energy into dead end jobs or relationships we have outgrown." She also says that for breast health, women should imagine their chests "bathed in the golden white light of healing" and "express all emotions fully." PalMD writes,

There is something fundamentally misogynist about Northrup's approach. In addition to being complete fantasy, it is part of the punitive culture of so-called alternative medicine. According to people like her, if a woman is just happy enough, satisfied enough, spiritual enough, then she won't be unhealthy. So what happens if you get sick? Well, you must not have been good enough. It's not like that's a new message for women.

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