Very Bad ThingsThree Men and a BabyThe Hangover premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre brought out Olsens, Girls Next Door, Hills-dwellers, and a fair amount of suckery. So we threw in some gratuitous pix of Efron and Cooper.

The Good: Lurve Kristen Bell's soft - but modern! - silhouette, obviously the best costume for a shitty premiere.

Le Silk Sak: Aw, Ashley Olsen looks so pretty when she smiles and stands up straight! (Eating spinach is also a good idea!)

The Inevitable Bandage: Cheryl Hines always looks the proverbial million bucks, but one has to wonder sometimes about Leger's chef d'ouevre: does it look flattering, or just like you're strapped in really, really tight?

Lady in Red: Does it seem like we've seen Heather Graham wear this (many times) before? And if so, is that a problem? Thinking caps, kids.

The Cocktail: Ooh, Angela Kinsey looks like she's about to break into a sultry rendition of "Black Coffee." (My fantasy world involves a lot of karaoke.)

Hills Are Alive: What's with this cast's obsession with silk charmeuse? Don't they understand that 85% of the time it looks cheap and crummy? No? Okay, then.

The Glasses Question: May I just say: I wish Rachael Harris didn't remove her glasses, always, for formal dos, because she looks smashing in them, and is a good spectacle ambassador, and glasses aren't a sometimes treat!

Picture Worth At Least A Thousand Words. Not a thousand good words, more things like "rth5" and "mjl;[" and "t/,;erlkwf!!!!!"

What Say You about Sasha Barrese's sweet sixteen special?

Not to suggest that we'd call a person's physiognomy good, bad, or ugly!

So why is this here? Hmm...hard to say...

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