The new Sandra Bullock - Ryan Reynolds vehicle, Coldhearted - Workaholic-Forces-Assistant -to-Marry-Her-for-Vague-Career-slash-Legal-ReasonsThe Proposal, premiered last night at HolLywood's El Capitan Theatre, and a revolution began. Okay, that last part's a lie. But Betty White was there!

The Good: I'll just say it: I don't get the RyRen love. The fella's Wonder Bread with a SAG card, and I only like Wonder Bread when I'm eating delicious, delicious barbecue. But, I gotta give it to him: he's looking Nick Carraway dapper.

The Good: Forget the whole live breakup shenanigans: the thinking woman was so over Bachelor Jason when he handed Jillian her walking papers. Because in the "Bachelor" universe, she was like Marilyn-Vos-Savant crossed with Mother Teresa. Maybe they made him do it so she could be The Bachelorette?

The Betty White: You heard it here first: the knit elasticated trousers necessary to perfecting the sporty elderly lady look are shockingly difficult to find in thrift stores. Maybe people love them so much that they wear them into the ground?

The Burden of Fame: If memory serves, from the small snippets of British Bachelor I was allowed to watch, Shayne Lamas found the celebrity and pressure of being part of the artistic dynasty that is Lamas to be a heavy burden to bear; she worried people saw her and saw the celebrity scion! She can rest easy on this point. And maybe you can tell me: what is it about this objectively unexceptionable getup that's not working? Am I blinded by her fame?!

Plus Ca Change: If Malin Akerman were a superhero, her super-uniform would be the minidress. And her super-power would be almost redeeming terrible Rom-Coms. Her nemesis is, apparently, her agent.

What Say You about the definite sartorial direction Sandra Bullock has been taking of late? (See: yesterday's MTVMAs for further proof.) I have such strong feelings on the matter that emotion overwhelms me and I'm unable to do justice to my sentiments in print. Be my voice!

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