The 18th Annual MTV Movie Awards, held at Universal City's Gibson Amphitheatre, always has the same formula. Basically: Everyone in the world + absurd clothes = red carpet magic.

The Good: Sienna Miller's tunic, while somewhat reminiscent of the Kate Moss for Top Shop collection (which is v good), is cute and fun in that MTV Awards-apropos way.

The Good: Again, how fun is Monique Coleman's futuristic majorette?

The Good: Briana Evigan's neutral jersey may be one of the most sedate numbers on the red carpet, but it's also one of the prettiest.

The Good: LeAnn Rimes' wicked queen getup? Rock on.

The Good: Aw, is Anna Faris' adorable puffball a tribute to Lacroix?

The Good: Okay here's another one that you couldn't get away with on a network red carpet: digging Lil Mama's Lisa Frank palette!

The Good: Imagine if we weren't sick to death of horizontals and geometrics and stripery of any kind due to all the bandages? How fresh and darling would CariDee English's one-shoulder look?

The Good: Is Taraji P. Henson's the most ridiculous concoction on a ridiculous red carpet? Mais oui! Just when we thought we couldn't love her more!

The Good: Okay, Rumer Willis' stained-glass thingamabob is vaguely horrible, but admit it, it's also vaguely awesome! (Right?)

The Good: I realized over the weekend that the main problem with The City is that "You Belong to the City," the most stirring urban anthem of the 1980s, isn't the theme song.

The Good: How super-duper is Ashley Greene's hair? Girl-group fab, right?

The Bad: Paris Hilton's commitment to living the Barbie lifestyle is really unquestionable.

The Bad: Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous, and maybe this draped sheet could work if her accessories hadn't been selected by a 5-year-old-hippie.

The Bad: Okay, props to L.C. for taking a chance. But her Degas-Lacroix leaves one scrambling desperately for something nice to say before moving on because you see a Jonas brother over by the bar.

The Bad: You know how they say horizontal lines break up the body in an unflattering fashion? Megan Fox disagrees.

The Bad: Jayde Nicole provides the obligatory showgirl-by-Cache element! (Last year's MTV MA's was my first GBU and I was so scared and humbled by the responsibility! Now it's like, whatevs, bring me a doll and a stalk of rhubarb with maple sugar on it.)

The Bad: Just a guess: Shar Jackson likes chains and buckles.

Leighton Meester continues her foray into the world of un-Waldorfian fashion with an assless exercise in immoderation. What say you?

Okay, KriStew and Twilight are emotionally charged, so let's just step back and find out what say you about this Bella-Swann-ready show of ambivilalence!

Guess Sandy's promoting Domineering-Boss-Who-Strongarms-Assistant-Into-Marrying-Me, and clearly selected an MTV-ready look. What Say You?

Besides those of you who hate minis unilaterally - well, you too, of course - what say you about Kristen Bell's teensy hourglass?

Bruno would do violence if he didn't rep The Ugly.

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