The LA Times is starting to specialize in profiles of the non-Hillary women on the campaign trail, if this week's Cindy McCain profile and today's Chelsea Clinton profile are anything to go by. Although the paper managed to get a nice photo and plenty of ass-kissery into the Cindy story, its Chelsea profile (with unflattering picture) mentions the following: she won't talk to the press, even when the reporter is 9 years old; she repeats anecdotes that maybe aren't true; she has a "flat" delivery and a "raspy" voice; she wears tight jeans. The only unflattering thing the Times forgets to mention is the obvious crush her mother's spokesman, Phillipe Reines, has on her. (With two unflattering profiles appearing this week of his charge, Phillipe's apparently letting his passions overcome his professional duties.)

The thing is, by all reports and video I've seen, Chelsea's actually kicking ass and connecting on a personal level with voters in a way that her mother and many other more senior surrogates aren't. She's 28, she's smart as hell and she possesses the ability to speak off-the-cuff (and well) on a variety of wonky policy issues — and she very, very pretty, which doesn't hurt. What she doesn't have is the ability to see that she probably ought to stop shunning reporters, because if she does stop, they'll give her more flattering coverage. Just like they already do the McCain ladies.

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