The launch party for the Mardan Palace at the Mardan Palace Hotel in Antalya, Turkey, brought out Mariah Carey, Sharon Stone, Paris Hilton, and a bunch of really shiny clothes.

The Mariah: Given that she's playing a harried, haggard everywoman social worker in Precious, it's imperative, in tacit Hollywood fashion, that Mimi look as glamorous and 'Mariah Carey-like' as possible for the next few months. Just so no one gets it twisted, you understand.

The Good: Once a friend had an encounter with the Lowell-Gere fam at a deli and found them charming and beauteous. Just like here.

The Karmically Problematic: Denuding a flock of ostriches to furnish the skirt for what appears to be an original Stravinsky production? Sharon Stone says yes.

The Jig Is Up: Later, Sharon changed into her shiny jigging suit.

The Family That Blinds Together: Monica Bellucci and this adorable child are ready for a) a Vegas floorshow in which he sings "You're My Best Girl" and they break into a soft-shoe b) Cousin Adam's bar mitzvah at Riverview Manors Catering Hall c) Glam launch party.

The Tawny: For the 20th year in a row, Tom Jones beats out Michael Kors, Donatella Versace and, yes, George Hamilton, for tawniest star in the land, with garb to match.

The Bad: Paris Hilton models "Heir-Head Barbie" for the masses. Then returns to her cellophane box.

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