AmfAR's Cinema Against AIDS 2009 benefit, held at Cannes' Hotel du Cap brought out noted activists like Paris and Peaches, plus star-power like Dita, Robin, Claudia, Eva, Zoe, Carine, Sharon and Kerry. Because we're all on a first-name basis like that. And did we mention the fabulous clothes? Yes?

The Good: Marion Cotillard's Poiret-esque confection may be one of the year's loveliest!

The Good: Zoe Saldana's draped ecru is Uhura-worthy, and compliments don't get higher than that.

The Good: Dita Von Teese's frock is not only delightfully cheeky, but also reminiscent of the "No Two People Have Ever Been So In Love" number from Hans Christian Anderson.

The Good: Say what one will about Peaches Geldof, she can afford some really gorgeous gowns.

The Good: Really, can you - and more to the point, Claudia Schiffer - go wrong with New Look?

The Good: Robin Wright (Penn?) is on fire this week! Clothes-wise!

The Good: Okay, Kerry Washington is teaching a master class in printed slink!

The Good: Eva Green's dramatic fuschia is so Mysteries of Udolpho!

The Good: It's hard to get "diaphanous sea nympth" right: Lily Cole does.

The Good: We've been hard on Ms. Stone this week, but it's not easy to find a gown that's both elegant, good for goose-stepping!

The Good: Love it or hate it, you gotta admit that Carine Roitfeld works this!

The Bad: Elodie Bouchez does not avoid controversy, does avoid not-creepy dresses.

The Bad: Elsa Zylberstein has revealed herself to be a master of disguise. Her schoolgirl-who-just-watched-Fassbinder-for-first-time is fool-proof!

What Say You about Yamina Benguigui's evil witch costume?

So, what do you think about Diane Kruger's Chanel 4.0?

The Ugly: Paris Hilton has - wait for it - exceeded our expectations.

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