Word is, Michelle Obama ordered a copy of the Boden catalog, "beloved" by British Conservative Party's David Cameron; Mayor of London, Boris Johnson; and Angelina Jolie. We've got one too; whaddya think she'll buy?

Here's something perfect for Ms. O to show off the first guns while boating with the Kennedys. Wrong dog, though; that should be Bo.

While we have been treated to images of Barack Obama shirtless, we certainly hope that should Michelle decide to enjoy some fun in the sun, the paparazzi will leave her alone — or, at the very least, she won't end up on one of those "They Could Use A Little Work" beach bodies pages in In Touch. That said, this hat/tunic combo is awesome.

As a brown person, I think that brown people should be careful when wearing brown. It can look like you're not wearing clothes at all, and not in a good way. But! The skirt is super cute and I could see Michelle wearing it one parent/teacher day.

It's sleeveless, in patriotic colors and oh-so-summery. And maybe she'll get little striped shirts for the girls?

Inauguration day, Michelle Obama wore a lemony yellow; she'd look great in this floral number while chilling by the White House pool.

Bold. Arm-baring. Think she folded down the corner of this page?

Another sunny yellow number; maybe for receiving guests in the Rose Garden?

While this color would look great against Ms. O's skin, the shape might not be right… Possibly not structured enough? Thoughts?

Oooh, I want her to have all of these skirts! Except the brown one.

Feminine, flirty, fun.

Can't you see her wearing this to visit a school or an art gallery?

The color is regal, the details are gorgeous. I just wish instead of these two, we were looking at…

…That's better.

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