ANTM Cycle 12 contestants were on Tyra today, and London — whose weight gain-shaming contributed to her elimination — showed up looking thinner. It's troubling, considering she has struggled with an eating disorder.

I was waiting for Tyra to address the change in London's appearance, particularly because it was a storyline during Cycle 12. It was certainly a missed opportunity to discuss the reality of EDs in the modeling industry, or if London being publicly called out previously had anything to do with her current change in appearance. But instead, Tyra just aired a segment in which London preaches about Jesus on the streets of NYC. Tyra also had all the girls wear bikinis, and then had "senior superlatives" applied to each contestant. First up:

Here's London, in the middle:

The ANTM finale airs tonight.

P.S. Thalia (aka the "burn survivor") is pregnant. She's 18, and only sorta-kinda with her boyfriend. The crowd cheered, and Tyra smiled. (But not with her eyes.)

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