Last night Maya Rudolph, who is four months pregnant, appeared on the the Late Show to promote her new movie. She didn't seem amused by Dave's fixation on how big she'll get during her pregnancy.

Perhaps Dave was trying to issue a compliment when he announced, "I like it when pregnant women are really big," but we still found his comments a bit creepy. Also: When Maya said she gained 70 pounds with her first pregnancy did he really need to cackle? Sure, it's well over what doctors recommend, but according to the CDC, 21 percent of women who gave birth in 2006 gained more than 40 pounds, so it's not exactly unheard of. (Also: Who cares?) Maya seemed a little off during the interview, but we weren't sure if she was annoyed or just tired. And although we wouldn't know from personal experience, she did mention that people were constantly telling her "whoa you're huge" during her first pregnancy; maybe that sort of unsolicited body commentary is just something pregnant ladies have to deal with? You tell us. Clip at left.