Would you watch a sitcom starring Russell Brand and Sean Combs? The long-legged Brand talked about going to a boxing match with Diddy on Leno last night and sorta pitched an excellent TV show simultaneously:

Imagine the "hip-hop mogul" and the "English gent" as pals who take down villains: "We will solve crimes — at a price!" At the end of every episode, they would learn, "maybe we ain't so different." The truth is, Brand and Diddy will both be in the Forgetting Sarah Marshall sequel, Get Him To The Greek. But back to the fight in Vegas: Brand was supposed to get tickets, but failed to do so. "In the end, Puff Daddy had to buy the tickets," Brand admitted. And Diddy paid so much, Brand felt he should have been able to sit on the shoulders of the man boxing. Clip at left.

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