Quoth the Daily Mail, "for some, the best way to commemorate the experience of pregnancy is with a painted belly." Just for you, a gallery of this new art form - with analysis.

The Daily Mail says, "this child is bound to be a music lover." Well, that or Jack in the Box.

Aah! Embryo Mr. Met!!!

This baby will be one of those kids who claims all through elementary school that she wants to be a "marine biologist" and then gets to high school and realizes that doesn't mean "swimming with dolphins" and loses interest.

This child: the next Napoleon. Or Caesar. Or anyone basically who feels entitled to the entire world.

I know I want my child to be the infant version of a sponge on quaaludes. Actually, kinda cute. Or would be. On paper.

It's rare that you can work "navel-gazing" and "solipsistic" into into one description in such a literal way!

In case you thought she'd just had too much cake.

The five-clawed dragon was a symbol of the Chinese emperors. It's weird how it's trying to claw its way in.

This baby is incredibly traumatized right now, and if it wasn't already in the fetal position, would be.

As a Taurus, I object to the bull's portrayal as a stoned cow. But this baby is going to be all, "I'm good. Cartoons," and there's a lot to be said for that.

How's this for a belly laugh? The pregnant women who decorate their bumps with amazing artwork [Daily Mail]