The opening of the Chloé LA Boutique, celebrated at Milk Studio, brought out some of the biggest names and the best, most creative clothes we've seen in many a moon! And then about those peepholes...

The Good:

Ooh, Kate Bosworth's delectable gown is reminiscent of Oleg Cassini.

Estelle is kind of becoming a fashion icon; how cute and spunky is this little romper?

Camilla Alves: like TV's pretend idea of what a real girl wears, but like a hundred times better.

Rachel Zoe's not a stylist for nothing, but then you reach her face and she's always making a face like she's smelled something nasty.

Say what one will about Agyness, she makes average clothes look cool, and expensive clothes look attainable, and that's really kind of the point.

Emma Stone: easy, breezy, beautiful.

Yes, I love me a good jumpsuit, and Gaile Lai's 80's/riveter iteration is exactly that!

Janelle Monae's is probably my favorite getup of the evening, and possibly in history.

Maria Sharapova has just totally justified her celebrity.

The Bad:

Krysten Ritter's futuristic nurse is ready for triage. (Good word!)

Astrid Bryant: Moratorium, please, on Hefty couture.

What Is Going ON?

Exhibit A: Zoe Saldana.

Exhibit B: Chloe Sevigny.

Exhibit C: Leighton Meester!

[Images via Getty]