The premiere of Woody Allen's latest, Whatever Works, at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival, brought out the great, the good, the notorious, and the infamous. And that was just the clothes.

The Good:

Debra Messing's straight-up bombshell could not be more fab.

Evan Rachel Wood's whole "persona" thing is starting to chafe, but hey, she does look Audrey-lovely!

Restaurant doyenne Gayle Greene gets points for sheer chutzpah, eccentricity, accessories.

Susie Essman, apparently dancing the Hora, looks, as eBay would call it, "boho chic,"

Cheryl Hines is understated and chic in LBD.

The Bad:

Uma Thurman channels Charlie Chaplin, almost pulls it off.

MK is apparently of the "if it's not broke" school. "It" in this case is "depressive vagrant."

Melissa Leo channels Baby Jane. Always/never a good idea.

I sometimes try to imagine the moment in which someone like Amy Mullins a)selects these garments in the store and b)finds them in her closet and decides they exemplify who she wants to be for an evening.

Camille Solari, like us, seems to have a possible penchant for last-minute Forever21 shopping!

What Say You?

Patricia Clarkson : blue heaven, or Stevie nix?

The Ugly:

Nancy La Scala is either a visionary...or wearing a really unfortunate top.

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