So it's time once again for our Saturday Night Social. But apparently there have been some issues coming up in the open threads that need addressing. So let's go over a few things, shall we?

The open thread is meant to be a social thread wherein commenters can shoot the shit on a Saturday evening. It is supposed to be fun and silly. It is not meant to be a TMI free-for-all: we've addressed this on the site before, but apparently there are commenters taking advantage of the open threads and using them as a means to spill extremely personal details. A good rule of thumb is this: if you don't want the entire world to know about it, you shouldn't post it on a public forum. For the truly personal, it's probably best to move conversations to PMs or to a Meebo room. Silly stories, recipes, movie clips, songs, basic Saturday night whatever conversation: ok. Body snarking, racist remarks, TMI to the point of uncomfortableness, personal soapboxes: not okay.

I'd also ask that people email me if they see a comment that appears to be abusing the open thread system, as it is hard to keep up with the thousands of posts that end up on the Social each week. It sucks to have to be a bit of a jerk about this, but when the open thread TMI starts spilling over into daily posts, it becomes a problem. I feel bad for the commenters who are using these threads the way they were intended to be used, and would hate to have to dump the Social due to the out-of-controlness that has been popping up as of late.


So tonight let's try to have some fun, shall we? Grey Gardens is showing on HBO tonight, and we'll be having a SNL Live Thread in honor of the Best Of Amy Poehler special. So remember: keep it light, PLEASE, and try to keep the TMI threadjacking to a minimum. Here's a song to get you started:

Thanks for reading and commenting today, have a safe and happy Saturday night, and I'll see you in the morning.

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