April 23 marks the 15th anniversary of a lovely American tradition: Take Our Daughters To Work Day*. To celebrate - and because none of us have kids - we're taking our readers to work.

We're often asked what our days are like, and, because a FAQ can only say so much, we figured that this Thursday would provide a great opportunity to celebrate the "holiday" by liveblogging the details of our day. (Shorter: Unwashed clothing; artery-clogging lunches; complaining; bad jokes.)

How it'll work: All of us (including some of our contributors), will post short missives on our work Twitter accounts for the entirety of our work day. Those interested in following our progress can follow (and respond) via their Twitter accounts.

We're not promising anything revolutionary - or even remotely interesting - hell, it'll probably be a horrific disappointment. But we hope you'll join in, if only to stop and admire the wreckage.

Below, links to our work Twitter accounts:

Anna North

See you Thursday?

*Boys also allowed.

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