The internet is currently buzzing about this prom dress, which was recently featured on "Light In The Box," a site offering various prom dresses to teenage girls. But I think the internet is overreacting here.

The dress, which is billed as "The Column Sweetheart Asymmetrical Satin Prom Evening Dress" was originally featured using the picture above. The internet quickly picked up on the unfortunate looking gown and billed it as the "vagina prom dress" or the "labia dress" and commenters on various sites were wondering how such a monstrosity ever got made. And now, the picture of the dress has been replaced by this:

which is itself causing an unnecessary controversy. "Where did the vagina go?" "What happened to the labia dress?" "What are they trying to hide?!"


The fact is, this appears to be a poorly executed attempt to create a dress with a heart pattern on the front that appears when the wearer folds back two pieces of fabric. Sadly, the "heart" looks more like a giant prom dress vagina. The replacement picture looks as if the dress has just been folded back, with the surprise "heart" being re-hidden under black satin. I doubt the dressmakers intentionally designed a giant labia prom dress—though I don't doubt that there will be a few hilarious girls wearing this to the ball this spring. Whether you think you're wearing your heart or your vagina on your dress, ladies, wear it proudly.

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