Why, you ask, would an innocent-sounding event like a Uniqlo T-Shirt Collection Launch Party at London's Somerset House bring out such utterly bizarro threads?

The Good:

Ben Grimes manages to look unstyled, confident and cool - apparently hard to pull off!

The Bad:

Peaches Geldof complements creepy porcelain doll makeup with a creepy porcelain doll getup.

As Miquita Oliver shows, the babydoll Will Not Die, despite being never appropriate or flattering. Okay, maybe during a heat wave. Or on Mia Farrow. Fine, I guess sometimes it is, but this looks like a nightie!

Mutya Buena takes the "if one pattern's good, two's better!" approach.

What Say You?

When it comes to Siobhan Donaghy: weak or chic?

The Ugly:

Tim Whitby: look on my works, ye mighty, and tremble. I think it's the kneesocks with the disco getup that makes for dischord...

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