Tonight, Elisabeth Hasselbeck will debut the line of women's clothing she designed on QVC at 9 PM EST. She previewed some pieces on The View this morning. Our critique, after the jump.

Like a lot of celebrity-designed lines on QVC, Elisabeth's line is affordable, with price points ranging from about $40 - $80. "Affordable" doesn't have to mean "cheap," but in this instance, it does. And I swear on my superficially-aborted fetuses that my opinion on this is in no way swayed by Elisabeth's opinions on anything, although admittedly, it's equally perfunctory.

Anyway, this is Elisabeth's modernized version of a nautical jacket ($59), and two different ways to wear it. She also designed both pairs of pants ($44, $49).

There are lots of animal prints in this line—like this cardigan ($59)—and three-quarter length tops and capri pants, because when she was designing the line, Elisabeth thought of something that Joy often says: "The wrists and ankles are the last to go."

Elisabeth calls this shirt ($39.94), "A little T-shirt with alotta flirt." Of the design, she said, "I thought, 'Heck, let's give it a try.'"

This pinstripe shirt ($48)—perfect for a Concerned Women for America meeting—has a metallic flair.

"I took animal to the next level," Elisabeth said of this sheer blouse ($54.54). She told Joy that "it'll let you survive any hot flash." Seriously, the jokes are writing themselves here.

She called this top ($39.84) the "anchor piece of the collection." Maybe it makes you look heavy, no matter your body type.

Sherri totally wants out of there.