Trekkies like Bruce Boyd (pictured) are making their own exact replicas of Captain Kirk's chair from the original Star Trek series.

One company offers premade Kirk chairs for $2,700, but why take the easy way out when you can spend months or even years assembling your own according to instructions from a prop message board? Once finished, a Kirk chair has many uses. Boyd says, "when we have a little family powwow - I have four children - I sit in it to lay down the law." Fellow chair-phile Mike Paugh uses his, not oddly, to watch Star Trek: "You sit in the chair," he says, "and you're watching an episode and pushing buttons and you find yourself saying, Fire photon torpedoes or whatever, and you're making the sounds yourself because I don't have the sound effects yet." "Personally," says his wife, "I think my husband is a nerd." [NYT]