Did you ever notice how PSAs aimed at girls differ from those aimed at boys, regardless of the topic? Because when girls make poor choices, they end up dead, or worse…sluts!

The clip on the left is an anti-pot PSA in which a girl gets soooooo high on Saturday night that she doesn't remember taking naked pictures on someone's camera phone, which eventually gets passed around. The moral? Smoking marijuana will make you act slutty, and in this hyper-connected age, everyone will find out how slutty you are.

Here's another technology-based PSA. If you're a girl, you'd better be careful about spending time on the internet and networking sites, because everyone you see on the street will know who you are!

Seriously though, girls: should stay off the internet, because it'll only lead to people calling you an ugly slut.

Girls should stay away from cell phones, too, because they only bring about "textual harassment" from boys.

Also, the worst thing about doing crystal meth is that you won't look like a Barbie anymore.

Parents, your daughters will have sex. Don't let them!

Because they might turn into prostitutes!

Also, if your daughter parties, she might get assaulted, and it will be your fault, and hers.

We must protect females from slippery floors!

Sometimes it seems like things haven't changed that much.