Ever get annoyed by Craigslist personals that are a little too demanding? This poster did — and she retaliated with a witty takedown of thirteen supremely annoying tidbits from actual ads.

Some gems include:

"looking for friend with beniftits" *sigh* Where do I start, young sir? There is a section dedicated solely to you getting your johnson stroked. Its called NSA! And what "beniftits" were you looking for? Perhaps some spelling/grammar lessons? I'd be happy to tutor you. Maybe I'm viewing this entirely the wrong way? Maybe you are in fact extremely clever and were using a play on words? Benef-tits? I think not.

"im 6'4" 270lbs blk straight teeth" Black straight teeth? Maybe you should spend your time at the dentist rather than Craigslist. Or, use a flippin comma.

Check out the full list — but only if you're spontaneous, fun-loving, athletic, and thin.

Why I Am Not The Perfect Girl For You [Craigslist]