Maybe if MTV would've put the Real World house in a part of Brooklyn that wasn't its own peninsula on the East River, the roommates wouldn't have to rely on lame pranks for entertainment.

There's been a battle of the sexes for the past few weeks in the house, which has been childish, but also kind of enlightening for guys like Chet and Ryan who were, at best, confused - at worst, ignorant - about LGBT issues, since JD (the gay guy) is clearly on the boys' side, and Katelynn (the MTF) is clearly on the girls' side. It might seem obvious to others, but I think it helped those guys understand that gay men are still dudes, and that transexual women were never dudes to begin with.

So: the battle between the girls and the boys has turned into a giant prank war, for no other reason other than boredom. The guys went out and bought a white rat, and on different nights, would put the rat in the girls' beds. It took the girls about 20 minutes and a Google search to realize that white rats are not indigenous to New York.

In other news, Chet is so into the color purple that it hurts. I call it Purple Pain.

His alternate color is pink.