The Dog Show has hit New York. This is the space in which an introduction should go, but instead: OMG! Puppies!

Someone is living a more luxurious life than you are.

While the jacket and the woman are amusing, one has to wonder if the dog is in on the joke.

A little privacy, please?

Gah! Chihuahuas are my kryptonite. Cant. Type. Losing. Brain. Function. Must. Squee!!!

Gigi knew that she and Scruffy were from different worlds.

"Hi! Have we met? There's something about you… It's like we're soulmates!"

This just doesn't seem appropriate.

"Ahh. This is the life."

"Make sure they know that I asked for a soy caramel latte, and that this is the second time they have messed it up. If I had thumbs, I would do it myself."

"Being gorgeous is a tough job, but someone's gotta do it."

"No, I'm sorry, I will not make love to the camera."

Aww, with a lineup this cute, they're all winners, right?

Relaxing before show time?

What is the backstory here?!!?!