We knew Madonna met her new guy, Jesus Luz, at a photoshoot in Brazil, but we didn't know that the shoot required Jesus to be mostly naked. Not that we're complaining. He's hot:

The photographs, by Steven Klein, tell the "story" of a powerful, sexy woman and her boyish plaything. The entire portfolio, "Blame It On Rio," is 46 pages; we've pulled out some choice shots…

Her Madgesty actually had a selection of men to choose from.

Decisions, decisions.

How will she know who she really wants if they don't take their clothes off?

"Hi, I'm sorry… It's about your swimtrunks… They're small, but they're not small enough."

I think you'd better… come inside.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Question about getting your name tattooed on your back: Is it solely for the purpose of identifying yourself in W when you are not facing the camera? Just asking.

Madonna wants to show Jesus her "etchings."

And maybe some other stuff. Better lock the door!

Guy Ritchie who?

We'd better leave these two alone; we already know what comes next.

Madonna: Blame it on Rio [W]