Charlotte Ronson's diffusion line for JC Penney is now available, and the clothes are hideous. Why does a designer of Ronson's caliber need to make a bunch of white shirts and recycled trends? Oh: money.

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While there are plenty of things that are "wearable" in the I Heart Ronson capsule collection's 15 pieces, the spectacle of Ronson designing such innovations as a white racerback tank top, a white button-down shirt, not to mention five-pocket jeans, calls into question the entire idea of designers doing lines for mass-market retailers — the point is supposed to be that the designers bring something new and perhaps the slightest bit daring to the local mall. These clothes look to me like things JC Penney has already sold in various forms for years. Only put on models with frosted eyeshadow and accessorized from the Grab Bag Of Slightly Out-Of-Date trends. But don't take my word for it: click through the slideshow for strawberry necklaces, studded belts, and a glimpse of Austria from Model.Live, trying to pose through the maelstrom of poor taste.

I Heart Ronson [JC Penney