Winter freeze got you down? The new J. Crew catalog is all warmth, softness and light. Plus, some very "Mom-In-Chief"-friendly ensembles Ms. Obama might like! Let's take a look:

First, can we just say YAY for 65-year-old Ms. Lauren Hutton on the cover? Sporting a few actual, gorgeous wrinkles? Fantastic. "Wrinkly" is not a dirty word, and there's no such thing as "anti-aging." You are aging every minute of every day. Get over it.

The catalog opens with "Jenna's picks," but forgets to tell you who Jenna is*. Gayle, the copy informs us, is the "women's stylist." Anyway, this page looks like Lucky did about three years ago, which is: Not bad.

Dammit. It's just a trenchcoat, but she makes it look so effortless, so chic. If only it were this easy. Some of us end up looking like large beige sofas.

Behold: The jeans Katie Holmes hath wrought. Pretty? Chic? Sleek? In a word: No.

Twinsets! A cardigan addict's dream. If only they would make the shell a scoopneck, so some skin shows. It's a wee too buttoned up, too restrained, too "boarding school dress code" the way it is.

But look at all the pretty colors!

Sigh. I want to go to there.

Okay. Michelle Obama wore yellow on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and she wore a yellow shade called "lemongrass" on inauguration day. What are the chances she'll pick up this "bright sun" dress for a White House garden party?

Gah! More cardigans. Yes please!

The silk Penelope dress comes short and long, and J. Crew's serving suggestion is as a bridesmaid dress. But perhaps Ms. Obama could wear one to dinner?

Adorable faux-wedding party. And how cute is Cintia Dicker, second from the left? The smile, the freckles, the ginger hair = girlcrush.

Seriously, she's got something there.

This Daphne dress comes in "light chartreuse," but it seems lemony enough that Ms. Obama could pull it off, no?

This outfit is more Ellen DeGeneres than Michelle Obama, but still awesome.

J. Crew [Official Site]
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*Jenna is Jenna Lyons, the Senior VP of Women's Design. You're obviously "supposed" to know that.