Last night, we learned some useful island history: The U.S. tested hydrogen bombs in the area in the '50s, and Charles Widmore used to be an Other. Grabs from next week's promo after the jump.

It looks like Richard Alpert predates the Dharma Initiative, as he was on the island (looking the same age) back in 1954, and, from his conversation with Locke, didn't seem to be aware that time travel was a possibility, since he doubted Locke's story. So now we know that Richard wasn't jumping around in time when he visited Locke in the hospital when he was born, and again as a child, but instead was just checking in on him to see if, in fact, he is the appointed leader that Locke said he is. So is Richard just some mystical indigenous island inhabitant who doesn't age? And if so, why does Charles Widmore, who was in Alpert's camp, continue to age? Did burying that atom bomb have something to do with the "endless energy source" of the island? And will we ever find out what Jacob's deal is? There are more questions now than ever, but at least we're pretty sure that Mrs. Hawking is indeed Daniel Faraday's mother, as Widmore told Desmond that she is in L.A. Unless it's all just a big fake out on the part of the writers.

Also, did anyone else think it was weird that Desmond named his kid Charlie? I know it's supposed to be after Charlie from the island, but his father-in-law, whom he hates, is also named Charles.

Charlotte's nosebleed last night didn't kill her…yet.

But her brain is still leaking next week.


Jack and Kate kiss and make up.

Looks like the island travels back in time to when Kate helped Claire deliver Aaron.


And who the hell is she? Perhaps a young Rousseau?