How long will stories about Jessica Simpson's "weight gain" stay in the news? Probably as long as news outlets and even Simpson's so-called "defenders" feign disgust with the story while simultaneously validating its premise.

The clip from Fox News below illustrates the problem. In it, the female news anchor protests, "I'm not going to say chunky Jessica!" She then giggles her way through the rest of the segment... maybe so the boys won't think she's a drag?

This same two-faced, Regina George style feminism is also found in this article from today's Daily News. Jessica Simpson looks just fine, the article says. It then goes on to tear down Ashlee Simpson's assertion that her sister is a size 2. (Which itself a very odd defense. Ashlee, if you're "disgusted" with a culture that scrutinizes women's bodies, why trot our your sister's clothing size?) The News article is particularly bad, because it pretends that misperceptions of Jessica's clothing size "can have negative repercussions for fans," while its headline — "Size 2? Hmm..." — could have come straight from the mouth of some self-loathing Kitson salesgirl.

You know what? At least The New York Post — which like, Fox News, is owned by News Corporation — is honest about having despicable, twisted view on the issue. Yesterday, that master of sensitivity, "illustrator" Sean Delonas, ran a cartoon of a bloated Jessica telling Tony Romo she's... met someone else. Ronald McDonald waits in the background. Just in case that was too subtle, here's a list from today's paper, which is just titled "50 Fat Celebrities." (Yes, Jessica Simpson is there. So is... Topanga from Boy Meets World and The Snapple lady?!)

Yes, It's terrible. Yes, it's offensive. Yes, it's wrong.

But what's worse: The New York Post openly harping on Jessica as a fattie, or dozens of celebrity and women's magazines pretending to "love!" Jessica's curves, while they're all probably propositioning her for their "How I Got my Body Back!" cover stories as we speak?


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