Today on The View, Elisabeth announced that she's pregnant, and due in August. I'll have you know that I totally called this two weeks ago and Anna said I was crazy. [This is true. -Ed.]

When The View returned from holiday break in early January, I noticed that Elisabeth was wearing very blouse-y tops, and occasionally donning very wide belts that covered her whole midsection. She is really into working out, and got into shape (and on the cover of Fitness) not long after she gave birth to her last baby in the fall of 2007, so I thought it was weird that she wasn't wearing her typical form-fitting outfits. I IM'd Anna a couple of weeks ago and said that I thought that Elisabeth was pregnant, and this morning, as both of us watched the show from our respective apartments, she IM'd me immediately: "YOU WERE RIGHT." I feel sharp, validated, smug and super-human for no good reason... the same way I feel after I've managed to build a piece of Ikea furniture.