The downside of having Sasha and Malia Obama in the White House? Marketing people are suddenly trying to capitalize on their appeal.

The concept behind this CNN clip is pretty dumb: The reporter hangs out with the young model who played First Daughter in the Harper's Bazaar photo shoot in which Tyra Banks played First Lady, and talks to the head of a modeling agency, who says (very carefully) "We have gotten several calls for lookalikes." Meaning: Girls who look like Sasha and Malia Obama. The tone of the piece is the real problem, because it basically intimates, to any young black girl: "You used to be lame, but now you are chic!" To his credit, David Rogers, the "global brand expert" in the clip says: "Marketers are finally waking up to it: Black is beautiful." Yes, diversity is great. But let's face it: Black girls are not the latest Swarovski-encrusted accessory, and reporting about them as such gives this former little black girl a disgusted feeling in the pit of her stomach. But hey: If white people like you, everything must be okay, right? Clip above.