On last night's episode of The Real World, Sarah got a call from her father, whom she hasn't spoken to in years because of a strange, sexually inappropriate encounter years earlier.

Sarah's parents are divorced, and it seems like their situation is an acrimonious one (her dad insists he is a victim of parental alienation), so her mother certainly didn't give him Sarah's digits. Could it be that Real World producers contacted him and gave him the house number in order to create a storyline and to get Sarah to reveal her history of abuse to her roommates? (Sarah was molested by a daycare employee when she was younger and is extra vigilant about inappropriate behavior, which led to her current situation with her father.) If that's the case, then that is supremely fucked up. Anyway, it was extremely telling when Sarah was pouring her heart out to her roommate Devyn, Devyn was way more taken with her own reflection and makeup application than she was about hearing Sarah's troubled past.

In other news, Chet says he's never masturbated or touched a boob.