Yesterday, the Continental chic set boarded the Metro โ€” or, more likely, chauffered cars โ€” to attend the opening of Stella McCartney's new Paris store. And can anything involving Catherine Deneuve be less than fab?

The Good:

Something about Zoe Felix's green slippers just makes it look like she has everything figured out.

The ability to wear a getup like this as easily as jeans and a tee is what separates your fashion folk from the rest of us.


Catherine Deneuve's status as gracefully-aging icon is like death and taxes.


Would I wear this? Probably not, but then, I'm not this model!

Vahina Giocante: shouldn't work, totally does.

The Bad:


Even Sascha's ridiculous headband, stockings, and stacks of jewelry cannot make this Clueless boudoir jacket shine by comparison.

Dasha Zhukova's macrame nightmare brings tears to the eyes of even a 70s crafter.


[Images via Getty]