The happy fetishists at the realsneeze YouTube channel love sneezes. Allergy sneezes. Cold sneezes. "Wet" and "uncovered" sneezes especially. But there's one type they're divided on: fake sneezers.

One 28-year-old sneeze fetishist named Jay strongly prefers the real thing. He writes: "I prefer 100% real sneezes and ones that don't have to be induced with tissues and q-tips stuck up a person's nose." Fair enough.


Yet on the Sneeze fetishest message board, some members brag about their fake sneezing ability. One writes, "I've become the fake-sneeze equivalent of a black belt or a gold medalist." Another replies: "my bf has learned to fake sneezes so well that I'm nearly starting to prefer his fake ones." (!!)

The website explains that some sneeze fetishes derive pleasure from "the vulnerability aspect of the sneeze. [Some people] enjoy that the person lost control, as sneezing is something that is beyond people's control, and is something that everyone does, regardless of strength, power, or status."

So isn't faking it, while definitely impressive, sort of... cheating?

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