I don't know much about the sport of wrestling except that the athletes end up burying their faces in each other's butts.

While channel surfing today, I landed on college wrestling on ESPNU. I guess one of the teams were the Hawkeyes, but every time the announcer said it, it sounded like he was saying "hot guys," as in, "The hot guys are aiming to get on top." There were a few more chuckles, regarding "riding time" and one of the announcers literally said, verbatim, "See him working on that head right there, pulling down on the head?"

I wondered if all wrestling terms were as homoerotic, so I looked it up, and it turns out, yes, that most of them are. There's a glossary, which includes:

Head Position
Drive Across His Hips
Inside Position
Violation of Position
Hand Control
High Leg Over
Two on One
Push - Pull
Double Top Stretcher
Back Door

Maybe I need to start embracing athletics.