On last night's episode of Rock of Love Bus, one of the ladies fell off the stage — hard— during a "roadie" challenge. After the jump, we examine the indecent exposure that producers blurred out.

First off, for some background, the ladies were told in their message from Bret to "dress to impress" for their challenge. This is how they interpreted that.

And specifically how Marcia interpreted that.

Bret liked it though.

I don't even want to know what I'm not supposed to be seeing here.

What's weird is that sometimes the editors of the show employ blurring, while other times, they opt for blacking things out entirely.

I wonder what the conversations on those judgment calls entail. However, sometimes they use blurring and blacking out at the same time.

Seriously, this woman did not give a shit about covering her tits up. It wasn't just a momentary thing. Once they were out…

…they stayed out.

Maybe it had to do with the rack of clothes that Bret provided for the ladies that night, made by a designer I've never heard of.

But that doesn't explain why they blurred this woman's nipples, even though she had a shirt on.

This is my favorite thing for no reason. Her LOL speak is all wrong.

And lastly, I found the most offensive thing of the episode to not be censored at all: Bret's eye makeup. It's like he just completely went back to his original look in Poison, except without any irony or retro reference. He's just decided that this is working for him.

To which I say: