Remember Jessica Alba's heavily Photoshopped Campari ads? There are more where that came from, and Eva Mendes and Salma Hayek are in some bizarre scenarios.

Not that Jessica Alba's digitally whittled waist isn't bizarre: It is.

Eva Mendes' series of photographs appear to be fairy-tale themed; she's the Queen of Hearts…

…she's Puss in Boots,

she's Little Red Riding Hood,

she's a mermaid,

she's Cinderella with the glass s(l)ippper.

Here she is as someone whose arms and bustline have been photoshopped beyond recognition.

And what the hell is this??? Beauty and the Beast Who Drew Blood? Does knowing that this woman was attacked by a mythical monster make you want to want to buy Campari?

Salma Hayek's photographs involve diamonds and men, and she mostly looks like she is having fun.

Except when she looks worried.

And except for this part where some faceless dudes with booze are forcing this woman into an elevator. The tipster who sent these images to us used the words "gang rape." While that is not entirely clear, you do not, from this image alone, get the idea that this woman is safe, in control, or comfortable. In a way, the ad works, though: We could use a drink. But it sure as hell won't be Campari.

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